Green Pastures / on Psalm 023

These feet will walk on green pastures
and run toward your glory for ever after
On your holy ground I am barefoot,
washed clean of the filth and soot
My toes will dip into the Jordan
as I am freed from the warden
I need thy rod and thy staff,
the grace of ransomed wrath

a response to Psalm Twenty-three

The Realist and the Romanticist

This is my take on Tyson Motsenbocker’s “A Kind Invitation”.

Somewhere, at some time past, there were two young boys, close friends who were together since birth. One day they were out fishing, reeling in the night’s dinner, when they saw far off two figures walking along the shore.
Now, as they got closer and closer, they could make out an older man and a smaller girl. Soon enough they could see their faces.
“Hello,” said the man.
“Hello,” said the girl.
“Hello,” said the two boys.
“My name is Time,” said the man, “and this is my friend. Her name is Love.”
“Won’t you come and walk with us today?” asked Love. “There are wonderful things just ahead and we want to see them with you.” Continue reading “The Realist and the Romanticist”

And Yet He Still Came / on Psalm 012

Not one of us were faithful to you;
no one from the children of man.
We would forfeit our souls for a lie
that we would gladly dress ourselves in.
Yet you remain faithful. LORD, why?

We were not your people,
yet you call out, “My people.”
She who was not beloved,
you call out to my sister, “Beloved.”
And again you pursue,
making us “sons of the living God.”

You, O LORD, will keep us forever! Why?
Your heart is like the furnace refining silver,
and your love, refined seven times seven!
Your mercy, it burns. O but not me. Your Son!
You remain faithful until the very end. LORD, why?

a response to Psalm Twelve

The Lord Is My House / on Psalm 011

Come with fire and torch, threat and force
This house of mine will not be shaken
even if its foundations are made no more
I’ll stand and sing with brothers and sisters
even in the prison of my enemies
for the LORD is in his house

Come with hate and deceit, death and heat
This house of mine is not found here —
my home is at the right hand of the throne
I may weep at your taunts, O wicked man
but my joy is founded in heaven
for the LORD is always in his house!

a response to Psalm Eleven

Why Do I Hide Myself? / on Psalm 010

You, you made my heart
to beat and long and yearn for you!
And if that’s the case,
then why do I allow the enemy
to lie down in its bedchambers?
If you created me for so much more
why does my heart beat less and less?
O my LORD, I want to yearn for you!
This heart o’ mine
yearns for the divine!
In you I must find good,
for nowhere else can I go, O my soul!

a response to Psalm Ten

Out of All Creation, Man / on Psalm 008

O LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!
Out of all creation, every galaxy and every creature of the sky,
you have counted every hair of man and care for his soul.

Though we did not want you, you sought us before birth!
Despite our crimson stain, you came thundering quietly to our side,
that you may display your love to us, not in part, O but in whole.

Out of all creation, the moon and stars,
the birds of the heavens and the fish of the sea,
you entrusted man, as unworthy as he is, to carry your holy name.

Now, as an heir to a new earth, though once so far,
because of a mercy greater than the sickness in me,
I can trust the one taking my place that it will be him proclaimed.
O LORD, our Lord,
how majestic is your name in all the earth!

a response to Psalm Eight