Too Wonderful For Me / gospel meditation

Wholly unholy were my human hands
when you took them into yours,
pierced though piercing light into dark lands

Now what stitch must be at your side
from the joyous laughter of new children
despite a spear in your rib did deride

Oh, how all things work together —
every thorn and trial and trembling —
we are God’s children now, forever tethered

Yet this image bearer is an image seeker,
hands marred red from the clay of Adam’s stain
and wrestling with Eve’s grasp ever weaker

Carefully-knit creatures we are wonderfully made
to laugh at the thought of betraying purest love —
but for this treason in darkest tomb our Maker laid

Oh, what mind could fathom or heart ever embrace
forgiveness sweeter than honey, more heavy than gold!
We are known by the Salvation bearing man’s face

This heart of stone and its edges cut my lungs
Every breath shamefully spent for a world’s false love
The deadly reach for the poison where fruit once hung

Yet now this tree is cut down, three nails and two beams
crossing the barrier of the unwhole and Holy
Death defeated for my unfaithful heart to redeem!

Oh, that you sought me, red and wretched and weeping,
and to let me gaze upon your beauty all the days of my life
What sweet surprise: rags traded for the robes of a King